发现 记录美好瞬间

A long period I haven't invested in my LOFTER pages, it was merely because I have been dropping in a vicious circle where I took heap of pictures hunting for the best one that friends might prize, but I always reaped nothing. Now, I have weathered the storm and found the solution. You need to get through that as for photos, some is simply for recording, while some need notions and fertile imagination alike.

Two years ago, participating in the 'F1 in school', I had my head holding good conscience that I had attained a tight-knit contact with F1. Whenever I heard the loud-voice from the autos, the immense passion fuels into my heart, which invites me to carry myself with strength.

Frost crawls on the windows against the deepest aquamarine reflecting the cold outside-world. Heat swaps the body perception for the vision to remain the warming toward deep heart.

Cells have tinny size, but absorb the nutrition with no-stop, forming and supporting the colossal body. We might reckon ourself trivial, but we are a social element for more vital than.

The monkey stretched its hand out the cage for begging food given from audiences,which humbled me literally. This gives me impression that as a human being, our innate intelligence,respect, independence is all that's necessary.
乞 食=?=独 立=?=自 尊

Do you get any idea where the photo is taken? Do you think it through where exactly the sunshine was shooting from? You will get the answer in terms of watching upside down. Crazy!? I sought to leverage the water in pursuit of this magical image.